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Buying a new home is very different from buying other commodities in two primary areas. The first is, of course, the cost. For most people, their home is the most expensive purchase they are likely to make. The second is the time most people anticipate living in the home. While some people buy for the short term for their own personal situation, far more look to their home as a place they can live for many years. These factors often drive the choice between buying an existing home from an individual and buying new construction. Here are some of the reasons you may wish to purchase a new home:

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Have it your way!

You can make your own choices of colors, counter tops, flooring and so much more. The fixtures and lighting will reflect your taste as fully as the furniture and the drapes. Many builders offer options that will customize your home inside and out, so that it does not have that cookie-cutter feel of many developments.

Choose the floor plan you want.

Why be stuck with a home that does not meet your needs when you can point at a floor plan and say, "I want this one"? Builders are recognizing that people cherish their space and often opt for open floor plans and spacious layouts. Newer construction is more likely to have sufficient storage space than older homes. Features like walk-in closets and huge master baths are yours for the asking.

Everything is under warranty.

From the roof to the stove to the water heater, everything is new. You can move in confident that you will not spend your first few years in the house burdened by repairing and replacing. The building materials will have the advantage of state-of-the-art treatments and elements to ensure a long life. The appliances will have their own manufacturer's warranties. The construction will have its own warranty that will vary in coverage. Some builders back their own warranties while others purchase from a third party company that assumes the responsibility. Some federal agencies, such as the FHA and VA require builders to purchase a third-party warranty. It is important to understand the coverage, both what it covers and how it works, before buying.

The house is energy efficient!

There is no question that new homes of today are far more energy efficient than homes built even a few short years ago. New homes offer double or even triple-paned windows. Insulation materials are superior to those available in years past. To replace windows in older homes is a very expensive process that you can skip when buying new construction. Saving energy saves you money, whether you are talking about heating or air-conditioning. Remember that energy is your highest monthly cost after the mortgage.

The temperature and air quality is comfortable.

New construction is bound to higher energy standards and codes than ever before. This equates to HVAC systems that not only provide high-performance energy efficiency, they also offer better ventilation and air filtration. Many systems now offer the humidifiers and dehumidifiers the climate dictates for year-round comfort and higher indoor quality.

The home is low maintenance.

New construction means easy-care surfaces. Modern building materials include floors that always shine, stain-resistant carpeting, and paints that last for years without chipping and peeling. Where once the house needed a new exterior paint job, now a power wash to remove the dirt will have the same effect. Even fencing and outdoor features offer resilient surfaces look new for years with little to no maintenance.

The community is ready-made.

Many developers offer communities with a master plan, including clubhouses, community centers, pools and more. You often find them near the newest schools and shopping centers. Protected open lands with hiking trails and parks often surround new construction. Many have homeowner associations established to help you maintain a voice in your community.

You will have modern electrical components.

The homeowner of today is far more dependent upon technology than the one of twenty years ago. New construction offers more electrical outlets and state-of-the-art circuit breakers to power the home effectively and safely. Electric garage door openers offer infrared safety beams that stop motion when children and pets are too close. Other safety features include environmentally friendly coolants in the air control system. Paints, glues and carpets contain fewer harmful chemicals than in years past.

The financing may be more competitive.

Financing through the builder's financial partner may offer more competitive rates than you can get in the used home market. That is a benefit you can enjoy for many years to come. Although new construction may initially appear to be more expensive than an older home, when you factor in the longer life, greater efficiency and lower rates, that appearance may be deceiving. Your realtor can help you decide.

Have your own representation.

When visiting a model home, keep in mind that the builder's rep on site has the builder's best interest in mind. The Minteer Team have Buyer's Specialists that are ready to negotiate on your behalf. Before you start your new construction search, give us a call to discuss what we provide with our Buyer Plan of Action.


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