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The Carroll Independent School District serves over 7,800 students in the community of Southlake, Texas and parts of Grapevine, Colleyville, and Westlake. Approximately 1,000 employees work for the 11 schools that serve the 21-square mile district in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The district has consistently maintained an exceptional rating from the Texas Education Agency, holding the title of the largest all Exemplary school district in Texas. That means that each school within the district meets that standard. Each campus has also met the federal guidelines the No Child Left Behind Act outlined. As determined by the Texas legislature, the Carroll ISD does not adhere to Common Core.

Carroll Independent School District: A Brief History

Lonesome Dove, White's Church and Sams School united in 1919 to form the Carroll Common School District. The first school in the new district was Carroll Hill School, named in honor of B.E. Carroll, the Tarrant County Superintendent of Public Instruction. It remained the only school in the district, offering classes for first through eighth grades until 1961, when the district expanded its offerings to include grade nine. At that time, the district added a new high school wing to the building. The school continued to grow until it graduated its first senior class in 1965.

In the 1980s, a student designed the mascot and logo, the Carroll Dragon, by combining a US Navy fighter squadron emblem with the outline of Texas. The district ultimately selected the design to be the mascot for all member schools, replacing a serpent-like image and the Carroll Intermediate School Knights mascot. All district schools continue to share the same Dragon mascot and colors of white, black, and green.

Carroll ISD Schools: An Overview

The State of Texas rates public schools according to student performance on standardized tests, attendance, and dropout rates. Carroll ISD currently enjoys a 97 percent attendance rate, a zero dropout rate, and its students consistently score higher than the national average on assessment tests. The graduation rate is 99 percent.

Perhaps most impressive is that a stunning 98 percent of Carroll ISD seniors attend college after graduation. In 2012, the graduating class accumulated more than $25 million in scholarships. More than 90 percent of students score higher than the national average on their SAT and ACT examinations.

Carroll ISD attempts to serve the educational needs of all students with a challenging array of classes at the Advanced Placement and Honors level, a broad range of courses for gifted and talented students, and an extensive special needs program. The Carroll ISD provides fine arts education to students from kindergarten through high school. All children have the opportunity to participate in art and music through the fifth grade. Elective band instruction begins with grade six. Programs for middle school and high school include drama, choir, band, and visual arts. The district encourages high school students to participate in competitions at regional, state and national levels.

In a unique program created for students who wish to pursue medical careers, the Carroll Medical Academy offers an intensive program in math and science to help prepare them for their college and post-secondary education. Applicants must apply during their eighth grade school year. The program is also beneficial to students hoping to obtain scholarships for medical studies. Entrance standards are rigorous and students must maintain satisfactory performance levels to remain in the four-year program.

The C-STAR program is a transition program to provide additional training for special needs students after they have completed their regular schooling. Many local businesses collaborate with the district to assist these young people aged 18-22 prepare for independence and a place in the community for their adult lives.

The 11 schools in the Carroll ISD include:

  • Carroll Elementary
  • Johnson Elementary
  • Old Union Elementary
  • Rockenbaugh Elementary
  • Walnut Grove Elementary
  • Durham Intermediate
  • Eubanks Intermediate
  • Carroll Middle
  • Dawson Middle
  • Carroll High
  • Carroll Senior High

Carroll ISD Schools: Highlights

The U.S. Department of Education awards high performing public and private schools for either high achievements or significant improvement to students' academic achievement with the designation of Blue Ribbon Schools. This designation is a hallmark of excellence in education. Five Carroll ISD schools have received Blue Ribbon recognition, including Rockenbaugh, Johnson, and Carroll Elementary Schools, Carroll Middle School, and Carroll Senior High School.

In 2011, seven campuses earned places on the Texas Business Education Coalition's Honor Roll. Carroll ISD also earned the Division 5A Lone Star Cup for both 2012 and 2013 for scoring the highest number of points in athletic, fine art, and academic competitions. Also in 2011, Carroll Elementary School was identified as a Higher Performing School by the National Center for Education Achievement, based upon a higher than predicted percentage of students scoring at the commended level on TAKS, the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

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